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LMI Builders - Lexington, High Point, Winston Salem, Greensboro

LMI Builders offers design-build construction with a little twist…

In a typical Design-Build scenario, the architect and general contractor are hired at the same time. This is when the design fees will start to mount up. The overall advantage of this process is to be able to run estimates on the cost of the building prior to spending a lot of time and money on a completed set of drawings, therefore gaining cost analysis to see if the project is within the owners budget.

Once completed, the architect will provide the owner with a couple of pages of drawings, and possibly an elevation or two for the owner's approval. For those who are not in the construction or design industry, it can be difficult to visualize the finished product from these drawings.

Next, the owner must accept the drawing for pricing to determine if it is within their budget. If it's not, the Architect and General Contractor can begin value engineering or possible redesign of the building.

LMI agrees to this overall idea, but we take a slightly different approach.

You, as the owner will come to us with an idea. LMI, having the ability to draw and create computer models within our office will begin the project design without the expensive fees of an architect. The design will then be brought to you in a detailed 3-D presentation for approval. These models can contain floor plans, material types and colors and will sometimes even contain interior finishes as well as landscaping.

This is where LMI really differs from the field. At this point, you have also acquired a conceptual set of drawings at no charge! These same drawings can then be converted to CAD files and sent to the architect.

With one person handling the design of your building, it saves owners a great amount of time and money. Take Triangle Fire Department of Lexington, NC for example: Typical design fees for this building would run between $70,000 and $80,000. With our design, the total fees were only $59,900.

With LMI, you will not only save valuable start-up time to begin your project, but you will also save a ton of money! From a company who is willing to provide you with $11,000 - $20,000 worth of design to gain your business, imagine the level of service that LMI will provide to you during construction!