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LMI Builders - Lexington, High Point, Winston Salem, Greensboro

LMI Builders Business Description

LMI is a general contractor focusing on design-bid work, performing some traditional bid-work. LMI's design-build process is similar to traditional design-build, but with a twist. We like to think of it as "buying" jobs rather than "selling" them. We see a customer's job as a product we can purchase by providing unmatched up-front customer service.

When a client first approaches LMI, they come to us with nothing more than an idea. We lay out their "idea" (or building) on paper, in a general shape and size according to their specifications. The customer leaves it to us to create several designs illustrating possible look and style options for their new building. Next, we produce a 3-D rendering showing materials, textures and colors for the client to choose from.

Once a style is chosen, we begin designing the floor plan. Using a computer-generated 3-D virtual walk through, the floor plan is shown to the client in extensive detail. After making final revisions at the client's request, we are able to generate a "hard bid," or final cost for constructing the building. If the price is within their budget, we have successfully purchased a new job simply by investing some extra time and effort at no fee to the client.

While there is no guarantee of return on investment, this business practice has been a very successful one for our company. In addition to attracting more jobs, we save a substantial amount of money on architectural design fees by doing our own design work, which allows us to provide additional savings for the client.

We approach each and every job with such outstanding service and commitment that the client has immediate confidence in requesting a bid from us rather than going to someone else. We uphold that level of service throughout the entire construction process and even after the job is completed.

This extra focus on client relationships assures us that our customers will return when they have future building needs. In fact, all of our previous clients who have had a second or even third project have returned to us. We believe this speaks volumes about a company's ability not only to achieve success, but to maintain it in the future.